These handy cones of White Henna/Mehndi Paste are really easy to use, give great control and fine detail.

No mixing or mess, you can start using it right away! No need for Glitter or gilding powder to seal it, these cones are all you need!



Each cone contains approximately 25-30g of paste


Please note that these cones do not contain henna. The paste will not stain your skin, it will simply wash away when you want to remove it. The tattoos will last a few hours once dry.

As with all products for your skin we recommend a patch test before use.
For external use only, keep away from eyes and other sensitive areas.

White Henna Style Tattoo Paste

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  • 1. Cut the tip of the paste cone very fine, you can always make it bigger if needed once you have tested it.

    2. For best results, clean the skin before you begin, to remove any natural oils or lotion.

    3. Clean the tip of the cone with tissue regularly to prevent the build-up of paste and clear blockages with a pin.

    4. When you finish drawing the pattern it will take 20-25 mins to dry.

    5. Your design will last a few hours/evening and can then be easily washed away.