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Craft Biz  provide a range of supplies from DIY craft kits and gift sets to individual components

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henna tattoo

Body art products

Craft Biz have been a part of the henna tattoo industry for over 20 years and provide quality natural henna paste and accessories, including mehndi designs, stencil kits and gilding glitter. If you are looking for something more modern, check out our jagua tattoo products; natural temporary tattoos which look just like the real thing! Why not add a bit of sparkle to your body art with our biodegradable glitters!

10% Savings

Our website prices are 10% cheaper than our eBay and Amazon store


Pots, Tins and Jars

If you are looking for storage solutions or cosmetic containers, then Craft Biz is the shop for you! We have aluminium tins from 5ml-250ml capacity. Eco-friendly cardboard pots and push bottom tubes which are ideal for lip balms. Reusable plastic jars with screw top lids; both individual pots and stackable. Perfect for crafting, travel and samples.

Glitter Candle Making

Make your own candles with biodegradable glitter decoration.

Petal Candle Making

Make your own candles with Natural died flower decoration.

Tea Light Candle Making

Make your own tea lights with biodegradable glitter.

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