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 - Candle Making -

Why not try one of our candle making kits. These DIY candle sets are ideal to give as a gift or create the candles yourself to fill your home with their wonderful scent and light. They are a great rainy day activity and the joy will continue as you melt away your scented candle to relax after a long day.

We have a range of candle kits including tin container candles, tea lights, biodegradable glitter and real dried flower decorations. All of these use eco soy wax container flakes, fragrance oils and come with detailed instructions. The kits are simple to use; just take a look at our guide* below for more details and view the full range in our store...

*Please note this is an abridged version of the instructions for a rough guide. The full instructions included inside our kits contain greater detail on safety and work space preperation.

- How to Make a Candle -

- Candle Making Products in Store -

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