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 - Jagua Tattoos -

Jagua is new to the well established temporary tattoo market, but it’s quickly becoming very popular due to its desirable blue/black colour. Jagua has strong historical links to the past and cultural traditions, just like henna it has been used  for centuries. The tribes of the South American rain forests adorn themselves with temporary tattoos for rituals, ceremonies and festivals. The natural dye is found in the jagua fruit (locally called Genipa Americana, Caruto, Huito or Jenipapo) which grow on trees throughout tropical and sub tropical regions of South & Central America.

 Here at Craft Biz we sell pre-mixed jagua gel in an easy to use tube. We have a range of DIY kits and accessories to help you create beautiful jagua tattoos, see our shop for more details.

Jagua tattos last for approximately 10-15 days, dependant on skin type, tattoo location and aftercare. To see how to apply jagua tattoos, take a look at our easy to follow instructions below.

- How to Apply Jagua Tattoo Gel -

- Jagua Tattoo Products in Store -

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