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 - Henna Tattoos -

Henna tattoos are an ancient body art originating from the Middle East, India and Africa and their history dates back as far as Cleopatra. Traditionally called Mehndi, henna has many uses from decorating brides on their wedding day in India to adorning doorways in Morrocco to chase away evil. Henna tattoos have now become a popular  the world over and have been worn by the likes of Madonna and Beyonce.

Henna is made from the dried leaves of Lawsonia inermis; a large shrub or small tree, 2–6m high. It is  native to regions of Africa, South Asia, and Northern Australasia. Henna comes in two forms raw powder and pre-mixed paste. The paste is ready for instant use, whereas the powder has to be mixed with a catalyst of oils, lemon and tea 4-6 hours before use. Here at Craft Biz we sell pre-mixed henna paste in easy to use cones. We have a range of DIY kits and accessories to help you create beautiful henna tattoos, see our shop for more details.

Henna tattoos are red-brown in colour and last for 10-15 days, dependant on skin type, tattoo location and aftercare. To see how to apply henna tattoos, take a look at our easy to follow beginners guide below.

- How to Apply Henna Tattoo Paste -

- Henna Tattoo Products in Store -

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