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Natural Brown Kraft Paper Cardboard Tubes for Lip Balms

These containers are an eco-friendly answer to lip balm and cosmetic packaging. Made from natural kraft paper cardboard with wax coated lining. They are suitable for own-labelling. An ideal environmentally-conscious option for small businesses or personal use. Why not try making some lovely homemade gifts for your family and friends!

Dimensions: 21mm x 70mm.
Capacity: 10-12ml.
Push bottom tubes.
Eco friendly and biodegradable.
Suitable for own-labelling.
Plastic-free alternative to traditional lip balm tubes.
Recommended cosmetic use: lip balms and cosmetics with a similar firm consistency.

Please allow for slight variation in dimensions and capacity due to their natural composition.

We recommend that you perform a test sample with your formula before making large batches to ensure that these tubes are suitable for your recipe. We do not recommend substances that will remain very liquid or have a high oil content. We take no responsibility for the compatibility of these tubes with your formula.

Natural Cardboard Push Bottom Lip Balm Tubes

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