Create stunning temporary tattoos with this handy tube of Jagua gel. The tattoos will be blue/black in colour, so they look just like the real thing and last for a whole 10-15 days!


Kit Contents:

5ml Jagua gel tube and fine line nozzle (add more tubes using the drop-down menu)

Nozzle cleaning pipette

Full-colour instructions

Jagua Temporary Tattoo Gel Tubes

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  • Jagua is a blue/black temporary tattoo gel.
    Jagua tattoos last approximately 10-15 days.
    Jagua is made from all-natural ingredients.
    Jagua is applied using a similar method to Henna.
    Jagua is NOT black Henna.


    The 5ml tube will be enough to paint approximately 10-15 small, fine tattoos.
    Use within 1 month of purchase (unopened) or within 1 week of opening the tube. Alternatively, you can freeze unopened tubes for up to 6 months, if you want to stock up.

    Due to you and Jagua being natural variations in colour and longevity will occur, everybody has a slightly different result.