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Top-quality round clear plastic jars with clear plastic screw-on lids. Each pot is a perfect way to store a variety of different items for a wide selection of uses. Simply choose the size and the quantity required from the drop-down menu above.

Suitable for creams, make-up, glitter, beads, nail art, gel, powder, tablets, gemstones, herbs and more. Ideal travel and sample storage solutions.

Size of each pot:
3ml External height (including cap): 14mm & External diameter: 30mm.
5ml External height (including cap): 17mm & External diameter: 30mm.
8ml External height (including cap): 21mm & External diameter: 30mm.
10ml External height (including cap): 18mm & External diameter: 36mm.
More quantities and styles available in our store

BASE Plastic Type: SAN - styrene-acrylonitrile
Clear, rigid and durable with a high chemical resistance
LID Plastic Type: PP - polypropylene
Rigid and tough

Round Plastic Pots with Black Screw-Top Lids

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